Balanced Workplace Investigations focuses on neutral fact finding when an employee, union, manager or stakeholder comes forward with either an allegation or an expressed conflict.  Our professionals come in and interview all concerned parties while keeping the strictest of confidences.  We then help the organization untangle the critical issues so that a proper resolution can be designed.   We pride ourselves in uncovering the right issues while keeping the delicate balance of the organization and its people in mind.
Our neutral professionals have over 30 years experience in Human Resources, Labor and Employee Relations and as legal counsel.  We’ve handled over 2000 conflicts and thousands of workplace investigations.  Additionally, we train HR professionals on the required essentials of conducting a workplace investigation, among other management training modules.  We also offer workplace conflict resolution services.  We interface well with all departments and organizations. We are also a proud member of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Workplace Investigators.


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