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For many Employers in California and Oregon, there is an affirmative duty to conduct a neutral investigation at the work place when an employee, independent contractor and/or a vendor comes forward with an allegations such as: racial or gender discrimination, unlawful harassment based on any of the protected class categories, workplace bullying or abusive conduct, working in a hostile work environment or a claim of inappropriate touching or inappropriate use of the internet, social media or company issued equipment, Whenever an allegation or complaint comes forward, the employer should immediately conduct a neutral, fair and unbiased investigation into the allegations balancing all sides equally before coming to any determination.

Whether the employer is lawfully bound or not, it is a best practice for any organization to investigation claims or allegations so that the issues can be resolved fairly which avoid costly escalation. If the employer does not conduct a neutral investigation, chances are the aggrieved party will likely file a charge with the EEOC, DFEH, BOLI and/or hire an aggressive attorney to pursue his/her claim. Sometimes even if an employer does a proper workplace investigation, claims can escalate, so having the investigation done properly and fairly can only help the parties resolve the matter in any future tribunal

BALANCED WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS assists the employer by conducting and/or advising the employer on the proper, legally compliant and neutral steps the employer must take to properly investigation work place allegations. As a fully neutral company, our goal is to balance all of the issues and thoroughly and fairly investigate all sides, including any witnesses, if any, and review all documentation, if any. We can then prepare a neutral report of findings, supported by our neutral fact finding efforts, that can assist the employer in taking the next right steps.

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Both Federal Law and State of California / Oregon law require the employer to neutrally investigate both sides of allegations, come to a determination based on objective factual criteria and to take appropriate action to safeguard the working environment for all concerned.

Balance Workplace Investigations has performed hundreds of workplace investigations and also coaches and teaches Human Resource personnel on how to conduct workplace investigations, among other topics.