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Conflict Resolution Services in the Workplace

Intercepting conflict at its earliest stages saves organizations and its people from protracted stress, money, time, lawsuits, claims, attrition and interrupted productivity.

Not all conflicts are negative, but conflicts, no matter what, must be managed and addressed properly so they do not escalate, fester, and snowball into bigger problems.

Litigation attorneys will tell you by the time a dispute has reached the jury or bench trial level, many of those “conflicts” could have been resolved much sooner had the right person managed the conflict in such a manner to finally resolve it.   

Balanced Workplace Investigations offers proper conflict resolution in the workplace services.  We are a seasoned and experienced mediator and conflict resolver with hundreds of workplace disputes resolved with our intervention.  We also train/coach business owners, attorneys and Human Resource professionals how to resolve conflict proactively in the work place.

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The types of conflicts that may be ripe to call us to assist are:


  1. Personality clashes that seem to go on dividing employees, teams and departments
  2. Departments that appear to have a high call in sick rate, or high turnover rate
  3. The same employees seem to constantly have issues/coming to Human Resources with complaints/allegations/concerns
  4. An employee is requesting special accommodation/long leave of absences requested
  5. Allegations/Complaints made to a tribunal such as the EEOC, DFEH, BOLI or other administrative agencies
  6. Class action law suits filed or threatened
  7. A non-union organization is seeing the signs that employees are beginning to talk about unionizing or collective bargaining
  8. Rumors are circulating about issues, but HR has not yet figured out the sources of the rumors

We approach these types of situations from a neutral and balanced perspective.  Often, we are engaged to first come in and do neutral interviews with employees, managers, stakeholders and HR personnel.  We assemble information based on direct conversations and we can then advise the organization from there on several ways to help resolve the conflicts and the issues.  We also invite outside counsel or inside counsel to review and/or direct our work if appropriate.  Thus, we work collaboratively and neutrallsy to uncover the right issues so that the correct resolution can be designed and implemented.

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